Catering BLC Eng

Dear participant / supporters

Unlike previous years, this year will be no American barbecue are held. Well we want to allow you the opportunity to eat something on the spot.

This year you can order food and is then delivered locally. As a result, the contest schedule which will also be adjusted, after the heats (around 14h), there will be provided with a pause for one hour, needing to give all the riders / judge the possibility to make use of this service.

Order: please, order in advance, so we have an idea about how many people want to use this service. You can also order on the event, before 12.30h. Your order is not final until payment and submitted be done the day before 12.30h, not paid = no order.

You can choose from the following options :

BLC menu: chips / mayonnaise + hamburger (bread roll, lettuce, tomato, egg, hamburger, mayonnaise / ketchup) = € 6

NEW VEGI STORMQUAD menu: chips / mayonnaise + CHeese croquette = € 5

KITEBURGER: bread roll, lettuce, egg, hamburger, onion, gherkins, americansauce = € 4

LOMMELSBROODJE : bread roll, lettuce, egg, chicken, satayherbs , mayonnaise = € 4

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